Visual-KnowHow for SharePoint


  • Knowledge Map graphical interface displays all metadata on one page, organized in the way an expert thinks about the site’s subject. This enables members to quickly find relevant content and people who can help in One Click
  • Captures and reports Business Value from knowledge transfer using your organization’s metrics
  • Captures real-time Contribution and View metrics for activity tracking
  • Preconfigured lists and library (include: Library, Q&A Forum, Expertise/Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Member profiles, Peer Recognition and Meetings).
  • Custom HTML forms use cascading dropdown menus to select metadata in seconds
  • Peer Recognition reinforces behaviors to seek, share and adopt
  • Facilitates maintenance of a searchable Corporate Skill Directory by auto-syncing Member profile expertise with a person’s My Site Skills list
  • Modern or Classic styles (Classic version is Responsive for all devices)
  • Easy setup without IT support for SharePoint Online and On-Premise
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