Visual-KnowHow for SharePoint


A successful business collaboration platform depends on four critical functions:

  • Finding relevant information quickly
  • Easy knowledge capture
  • Reinforcing sharing behaviors
  • Documenting business value using your organization’s metrics

After retiring as Chevron’s Knowledge Strategist, I started a consulting practice teaching clients how to create extraordinary value from their expertise. The most common barrier I found was the lack of an effective out-of-the-box collaboration platform. I decided to design and build a system that incorporated many of the features that had helped Chevron capture billions in cost savings while accelerating new employee competency by 50%. I chose to do this in SharePoint, a widely used platform that lacks an effective product.

Introducing Visual-KnowHow™, the ultimate SharePoint business process, collaboration and knowledge management site template. Based on modern visualization concepts, it delivers on all of the essential functions listed above.

SharePoint certainly has had some ROI challenges. The number user one complaint is “I Can’t Find Anything“. That is not what a Business Manager wants to hear! But what do you expect when after carefully defining your metadata you immediately hide it behind nested folders and a search box? 

By using our clickable Knowledge Map, you will find needed information or a colleague with expertise who can help in One Click.

Unfortunately, many Collaboration and Knowledge Management initiatives fail due to lack of leadership support, primarily when they don’t deliver tangible value. Without leader reinforcement, your network members lose interest. How many languishing sites do you have?

Visual-KnowHow™ captures business value using metrics your leaders’ desire (e.g., cost or time savings). Built-in business and activity metrics and peer recognition help shape knowledge sharing behavior.

Check out the many other Features in Videos and a “Day in the Life” stories.

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